We're proud of our successes and the fantastic feedback we get from candidates year after year. Have a browse below to get a feel of what people think and if you spot a name you know then contact them directly to find out more on their opinions. 


"I just wanted to thank you again for the teaching and feedback that you provided at the London CASC course in August. It was an incredibly helpful weekend and definitely the single most useful thing that I did for all of my CASC revision. Your enthusiasm and commitment to teaching was amazing and I will certainly be recommending the course to my colleagues!"  
Dr. Jason Hancock, UK

"I am immensely delighted, to say the least! I simply want to use this opportunity to thank all the good guys at The London CASC that make things happen differently for people like me, who have almost lost their confidence in passing this exam. You guys identified the source of the problem and gave the right solution at the right time! The good thing is that I took on board the subtleties you identified and used the simple refining tips to excel. Thanks, once again and continue with the good work you are doing. I would hope that others benefit like I did"  
Dr. Osita Okongwu, UK 

"Excellent!! 5 stars, one of the best courses I have attended. Everyone was absolutely lovely and genuinely interested in helping everyone get to the level where they can not only pass the CASC but excel in it"
  Dr. Saliha Nazir, UK

"A huge THANK YOU to all of you for your help in passing the exams! I couldn't have done it without you!
The course is amazing and a great boost to skills that candidates need not just for the exams but, for everyday psychiatric practise!

Dr. Angeliki Tziaka, UK

"Organisers went the extra mile and stayed late. Everybody was very approachable and pleasant with very skilled actors. I can't recommend this course highly enough!" 
Dr. Dawn Washington, UK
"I would like to express my gratitude to all the team for their great support with the CASC exam preparation. Your great teaching skill helped me to pass the exam and I would recommend other candidates to contact you if they need help"
Dr. Zeljko Boksic, Australia
"I must admit from the bottom of my heart that I found your course extremely useful and reassuring. The conduction and the organization of the course was exceptionally good. I am sure the skills that I learnt from your course will be very helpful at my exam, whatever the outcome of the exam will be. I really like the individual attention given to the candidates and the detailed feedback provided depicting our specific deficiencies. I will recommend your course for anyone without any hesitation"
 Dr. Gehan. Abeywardena, Sri Lanka

"The hassles with the exams are over and I believe that the guidance and skills provided by your team has made this dream come true. Many thanks once again for everything"
 Dr. Abdul Sabir, UK

 "Thank you everyone of you there. You guys are doing incredible work support and guiding people through this exam"
Dr. Satish Chandu, UK

"I have never ever left a course of any sort feeling as good as I do today"
Dr. Rahman Sulaiman, Ireland

"Excellent personal feedback and helpful critique/ comments on each station. Small groups were great for having plenty of opportunity to practice. Having the same examiners really helped to get to know strengths and weaknesses"
Dr. Felicity Wood, UK
"Comprehensive feedback, very detailed. Having attended other courses as well, I feel this is the best CASC course"
Dr. Gurvinder Warrya, UK

 Well organised. Good team work. The feedback was more than excellent.
Dr. Hasanen Al-Taiar, UK
"Many thanks for all you guys. I felt there was commitment from the examiners to identify and help me to improve weaknesses and highlighted strengths to boost confidence. I felt there is genuine determination of the examiners to give their best to help us get thought this exam. Thanks once again for everything"
Dr. Sajitha Koratala, UK
"Thank you for all the work you put in to setting up this course. I feel lucky to have had the chance to participate. The small groups make it a lot easier to work in depth and explore our strengths and weaknesses"
 Dr. Tiago Gandra, UK

 "Thank you so much, a huge credit goes to all the tips and advice given during the course"
Dr. Margaret Ogbeide-Ilhama, UK

"The course was great. The class was small and there were plenty of practice chances. They also had observer vacancies as well, which is great for those who want to prepare early"
Dr. PH Leung, Hong Kong
"A wonderful course. Really useful for CASC preparation"
Dr. Sankar Chaudhuri, UK

"Thanks very much, I feel your course was of immense help, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anybody"
Dr. Kiran Dantu, UK

"Very, very, very good, so much advice and personalised level feedback in so much depth, very relaxed environment. Keep up the amazing work"
Dr. Bharathi Murthy, UK
"Very fine course, up to the examination standards and the feedback was really good and helpful and it improves the confidence levels and I really recommend this course to others. There is nothing to dislike about the course"
 Dr. Srinaveen Abkari, UK 
"Excellent course. I am very much impressed by the London CASC course. I found the course very structured and focused on what we need. I felt it is quite balanced with the apt approach to the content and communication skills. You are able to find the right aspects for each person to improve on. It's personal and individualized feedback and Skype sessions were very productive and fruitful for me which made me pass the exam in 1st attempt. I definitely don't think I would have done it if I hadn't attended the course. I would highly recommend this course to any person who plans to do CASC"
Dr Maya Biju, UK
"It was my first attempt and the course helped me structure my preparation with the valuable personalised feedback.
I have and would recommend The London CASC to future examinees"
Dr. Indraneel Biswas, UK
"This was a very stress free course. Positive working environment with personal input and lots of encouragement, with honest helpful feedback and great tips for further preparation"
Dr. Dora Clement, UK

  "Very enlightening for me, I loved the pace of the course, perfect learning environment. Thank you so much"
Dr. Sinmi Akerele, UK

"Good feedback, task specific, explored technique and had quality exam like challenging stations. Will highly recommend it for any candidate. Overall, best course"
Dr. Henry Oraekwute, UK

"This course has been very helpful. The team were very supportive and friendly. I also particularly liked the small groups and the individual feedback we had"
Dr. Binuja Darwin, UK

"Excellent reflection and feedback. Really genuine effort to improve us. Also organisers have high knowledge which they readily share"
Dr. Mohan Nair, UK
"Friendly, relaxed atmosphere, no noise, good food, refreshments, good actors, well constructed scenarios. The feedback was very good from the examiners"
Dr. Satish Kumar, UK

This is a CASC focussed course which will get you through the exam. The examiners on the course will look at all aspects and suggest the right techniques to help in the exam. I found some of the suggestions/corrections very useful and do think it played a major role in helping me pass the CASC.
Dr. Hemanth Nagarathnam, UK
"The groups are small and the individual input is much appreciated. You do feel that the facilitators really care that you improve and perform to the best of your ability"
Dr. Jasmin Lope, UK
"Excellent feedback, including verbal and written feedback that is specific to the candidate as well as providing a framework to tackle the common and more challenging CASC stations"
Dr. Tom Spencer, UK