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Four years ago, several candidates who found it difficult to attend our course requested SKYPE sessions from us. Initially we were not too sure if this would be a great idea or if it would be able to offer candidates a realistic experience of actual CASC stations, but since the candidates them selves wanted it, we thought we’d give it a try and we’re happy to say that the experiment was a complete success, with many candidates passing the exam using SKYPE only.


So, if you think you're interested in the idea of SKYPE tuition, have a look at the basics of SKYPE below and get in contact with us

  • SKYPE tuition is simply private tuition between you and the examiner and therefore offers candidates the maximum flexibility in terms of timings and content.
  • The examiner acts as both actor and examiner
  • You can devote your time in any way you like e.g. practicing stations or discussing theory
  • If practicing stations you can follow the examiners guidance on what to do or tell them what you want
  • You can bring your own stations if wanted
  • The sessions are run for a minimum of one hour
  • The length of each session is negotiated between you and the examiner
  • The start time of each station is negotiated between you and the examiner
  • Any failure in internet connection during a session will not result in loss of teaching time.
  • Costs are £60 per hour
For those of you who are interested, email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


"I would like to express my gratitude to all the team for their great support with the CASC exam preparation. Your great teaching skill helped me to pass the exam and I would recommend other candidates to contact you if they need help"
Dr. Zeljko Boksic, Australia
(SKYPE tuition user)

"Excellent course. I am very much impressed by the London CASC course. I found the course very structured and focused on what we need. I felt it is quite balanced with the apt approach to the content and communication skills. You are able to find the right aspects for each person to improve on. It's personal and individualised feedback and Skype sessions were very productive and fruitful for me which made me pass the exam in 1st attempt. I definitely don't think I would have done it if I hadn't attended the course. I would highly recommend this course to any person who plans to do CASC"

Dr Maya Biju, UK
(SKYPE tuition user)