We encourage you to think carefully about which course or courses you attend and choose which one you believe will serve YOUR actual needs best and will give YOU the best value for YOUR time and money.
Here are a few facts that may help you decide if we're the type of course you want.


  • Our examiners DO NOT turn up just for money, they come and are chosen because they love to and excel in teaching (see TESTIMONIALS)
  • Up until the course you'll receive weekly tasks from us to help you prepare for the exam.
  • We offer a small group environment that gives you maximum time to practice with and learn from us.
  • Our course makes you do 1 in 3 stations on Single Station days and 1 in 2 on Linked Station days, NOT just observe most of the day and do a few stations.
  • Studying in small groups is the way we naturally study
  • We have an EXCEPTIONAL reputation from those who have attended and excellent pass rates. See "TESTIMONIALS"
  • Being in a single group with us all day allows us to really understand your strengths and weaknesses and therefore fine tune your technique rather than jumping from one examiner to another every 10 minutes.
  • We concentrate on carrying out CASC stations from the beginning of the day rather than use up your valuable time on lectures.
  • We aim to carry out at least 54 CASC stations over a whole weekend, giving ample practice time.
  • We give you all the lecture information that you would expect within the scenarios to make it more applicable by example so that it's easier to remember.
  • Small group environments offer the opportunity to really network with other candidates and offer the opportunity of developing or adding to your own study group.
  • All our examiners have worked extensively in all the psychiatric disciplines, including Adult, Child, LD, Forensic, Drug and Alcohol and Old Age so we really understand the variations you will come up against.
  • We have several weekends allowing you to attend other courses if wanted
  • Our location as detailed below ensures also that your overall costs of transport and accommodation for the weekend or day are at an absolute minimum.
  • We are happy to support you via phone and email before and after the course up until the actual CASC exam.
  • We've been around now for several years and are involved in other CASC courses so we believe we really know what we're doing and what works best.
  • Our location in West London near to Heathrow Airport makes us possibly the most accessible of all venues, with easy transport links via National Rail, The London Underground, National Express or coach and even Bus.
  • We are more than happy to give you individual advice on costs and how best to get here
  • Being near to Heathrow Airport offers you a vast choice of good value accommodation if needed for staying overnight, see "STAYING HERE" section for more info.